RPM Challenge: Day 1

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Music, RPM

Well, I started right at midnight – just like I said I would – and managed about an hour before I got too tired to focus. What a lightweight.

Anyway, with that hour and some uninterrupted time in the middle of the day, I’ve now got the starting points for four tracks. An excerpt of the first is coming up right now:


All the tracks will be titled like that until I decide on ‘proper’ titles for them (having exhausted all the obvious ‘Track A’ type stuff in the last two years) – the end of this track is faded rather sharply as the loop and bass continue on for some considerable time after this point – the full track is shaping up to be over nine minutes at the moment, so it may well need some savage editing.

The other three tracks still have a way to go before I’m happy with them – the fourth is showing promise, although it appears to be some kind of minimal house track which I’ve just plastered samples from The Prisoner all over. I’ve no idea why right now,  as I shall have to remove them all if it ends up on the album. The track itself is mostly bass and sounds great on my headphones but slightly less great through my speakers, Oh well…


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