RPM Challenge: Day 8

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Music, RPM

The first week is over and, so far, I’ve managed to start a mere 21 tracks! However, the chances of me finishing all of those are, I think it’s safe to say, remote.

It breaks down something like this; out of those 21, 4 are finished (or very close), 6 need some work to get them into a fit state, 3 need a great deal of work and 7 are pretty much dead in the water. Yes, I know that’s only 20. Track 21 is a special case as it relates to the VUA project I mentioned a few days ago, so I’m not including it as part of the album – at least not yet.

Here’s today’s track (pretty much done, although I’m not as thrilled listening back to it now as I was earlier this afternoon)

Watching The Scores

That isn’t a final title either – it just describes what I was doing while I was writing it.

The coming week will be quite different  as I’ve already mentioned, I shall be away from Tuesday to Thursday so there probably won’t be much music made and certainly no updates (unless there’s more snow) and I’m quite looking forward to a couple of days away from what I’ve already done – it’ll give me a chance to get some perspective on all of it. That may mean I come back and scrap a good part of it, you can never tell.

Although this is my third year doing RPM you always seem to forget how much work goes into making an entire album in a month and how much effort needs to be put in over such a short time-span to get something half-decent out. As I always come into it without any preparation you do have to cover a lot of ground early on to give yourself a fighting chance of finishing – although I’m already ahead of where I was in both of the last two years. There’s already been a couple of interesting things that have emerged that wouldn’t have happened without this challenge and that’s reason enough to put myself through this forced march. Speaking of March, I shall be looking forward to it as a chance to catch up on some sleep and all the parts of my life I’m forced to neglect this month.


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