RPM Challenge: Day 13

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Music, RPM

Yes, I’m still here. It’s been a strange week and the chances to make music have been few and far between – just as I said they would be. I was away for a couple of days and didn’t take my laptop with me (not that I would’ve got a chance to do much anyway) and now I find myself almost halfway through the month with only five completed songs and a pile of pieces I need to knock into shape. Having listened back to what I’ve got, however, I feel the finished tracks are pretty much fine as they are and I won’t be doing much with them until I have to master them – which will be about the 26th. Now all I need to do is finish another seven or eight and then see where I am. What’s the problem?

This means that I will be pulling marathon sessions this coming Wednesday and the following Saturday with the next two Sundays and any spare mornings and evenings being bonus time in which to sort everything else out. I also have no title or cover art for this thing yet either.

Here’s a track I started on Monday morning:


Next update will most likely be Sunday – or late tomorrow as I shall be out most of the day.


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