RPM Challenge: Day 18

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Music, RPM

Busy,busy, busy… I’ve been around for the last couple of days but haven’t had time to post anything of substance – so I didn’t bother. The way things are going now, I think I shall have the greater part of this wrapped up by Saturday night or Sunday. I’m actually starting to get a feel for how the whole thing is going to hang together as a completed album, which is something I had very little idea about a week or so ago. Here’s a couple more works-in-progress:



As you can tell by the working titles, there’s been a sense that time was passing and not a lot was getting done. Now, a lot of the hard work is over and it’s more a case of polishing up what’s already been completed and tweaking some bits and pieces. Having something to work with makes it far easier. There are still a couple of tracks that need to be completed – and if anything else of value shows up in the next week or so it may get worked out as well. The way it’s looking at the moment, there may well be several out-takes from this album – maybe even enough for a separate EP. The only problem with that is I’ve already got a pile of unreleased stuff that I’d like to get out there first. We shall have to see…


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