RPM Challenge: Day 23

Posted: February 23, 2009 in RPM

Yes, it’s nearly all over – only a few days more and I can start getting a reasonable night’s sleep and stop obsessing over the small details of songs that might not even make the final cut…

The score looks something like this; there are now 16 completed tracks that I shall be mastering this week. Out of those 16 I shall pick 12 or 13 to put on the album and the rest will (more than likely) turn up on an online EP at some point in the near future. I also managed to complete my submissions to the VUA project and clique as well, so it’s pretty much all in the bag.

Those 16 tracks include versions of all the demos I’ve posted this month as well as a number of tracks I’ve been keeping to myself. Once the whole thing is done and dusted I shall probably post some of it on here along with some notes about the individual tracks and some pictures of the cover art.


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