Hic Sunt Dracones now online

Posted: March 4, 2009 in Music, RPM

The whole album is up at my Last.fm page (which is here) and here are the links to the individual tracks:

01. Neon Teardrop [2:13]
02. Caverns Of The Soul [5:21]
03. Activation Codex [3:21]
04. The Man With The Screw-Top Head (Longer Mix) [1:31]
05. Sleep Now (Evil Child) [2:51]
06. The Hacker’s Dream [3:40]
07. Pissing Down [1:57]
08. A Sea Of Wings [4:43]
09. Back To 1634 [3:24]
10. In The Trap Of Thinking [3:03]
11. Four Dead Flowers In A Vase On A Table By An Azure Wall [2:07]
12. Into Powder [2:36]
13. The Map Is Not The Territory [9:14]
14. You Were The One I Was Waiting For [2:36]

More info about the individual tracks when I get more time to post.

In addition, the 28-second track I posted last month is now up here along with another 100 (no less!) tracks of the same length as part of Godxiliary’s 28 Second Later album. Check it out…


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