Fire-Eaters & Leeches EP now online

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Music

I’ve been promising/threatening this for a little while but now it’s here (after grappling with the FTP uploading system for an entire afternoon).

Digital Vomit DVR 035

Fire-Eaters & Leeches


1. Elevenish (3:03)
2. Blistered (1:58)
3. Deep Sun, Red Earth (5:47)
4. Monkey With Electrodes (2:14)
5. The Dead Car (2:33)
6. Elements Of Smoke (3:15)
7. The Midnight Houri (4:37)

The whole thing is also available as a ZIP file or go to the page for WAV, Flac and Ogg files if you so desire.

A few lines of info about the tracks:

Elevenish and Monkey With Electrodes were put together in the second half of 2007, at roughly the same time as most of the tracks on When I Was King… and Eyeball Dust. They never found a home on either of those releases and I was planning on saving them for the next album, but decided to bump them from that onto here as they’ll be two years old by then and really don’t sit right with the newer tracks.

Deep Sun, Red Earth is even older, as it goes back to 2005 and is probably one of the oldest tracks (It All Began In Washington State also dates from about this time) that I’m still happy to let anybody hear. It’s been slightly edited and cleaned up for this release, but it shows exactly what you can do with a cheap DAW and freeware.

Blistered is the solitary completed out-take from Hic Sunt Dracones – which may explain the vocal sample in the middle. I decided that it didn’t fit on there so it ended up here.

Elements Of Smoke is a retooled version of Black Smoke from Intentional Distortion, reworked to see if the track would stand up on its own without the vocal samples to hold it together. Once I found it could, I adapted and stripped away certain parts but it is still basically the same song.

The Dead Car was done last month and was previewed below – see the comments in the previous post.

The Midnight Houri is one of a number of tracks I’ve been kicking about since last year for the next album and maybe I should’ve saved it for that, but as I’ve finally got a version I was comfortable with I decided to let it go now.

So, all in all, a mixed bag of tracks that seem to hang together pretty well.

The cover, if you’re interested, is taken from a picture by an unknown artist, and was photographed by me in the stockroom of a Portsmouth pharmacy where I found it stuffed between a shelf and a wall. I’ve distorted the colouring slightly (the camera phone picture wasn’t the highest resolution to begin with) and the image suggested the name for the EP.


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