May Bank Holiday update

Posted: May 23, 2009 in General Stuff, Music

Despite all appearances to the contrary, there’s plenty going on here. Aside from the music, it’s looking like I may be changing jobs and moving flats in the next few months so there will be a ton of stuff to do as and when that comes to pass.

On the music front, there’s a few compilation tracks in the works as well as one or two other things that I’ll talk about when the time is right. Here’s a  work-in-progress (apologies for the volume levels)

Europa’s Child (Rough Mix)

This is another track that may end up on the next album – although the next thing that will emerge will more than likely be a C90 cassette, an idea that I’ve had on the back-burner for a long time (Thee Crumb Tapes was originally slated to be a cassette release) and now I’ve picked up a quantity of C90 tapes I’m looking at what I’ve got and how best to present the stuff. The idea is that it will concentrate more on the ambient and experimental tracks that often get left on one side. There will also be a number of new tracks included to make sure it isn’t just a barrel-scraping exercise.

I’ve also looking at playing some gigs at some time in the future (in the UK only right now as I’ve let my passport expire and haven’t got it together to get a new one yet) so if anybody is interested in hearing me mash up a pile of my own stuff on a laptop then give me a shout.

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