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Posted: June 25, 2009 in General Stuff, Music

Work continues apace on both my new album and the cassette – release dates depend on when I actually finish them. The format of the album has yet to be decided, it may be a physical release or some kind of download. Here are two tracks that will probably find a home on the cassette:

Knives Have Been Provided…

The Mask

(Links now in An Artifact Of Progress post)

In other news, over at Digital Vomit, there’s much excitement as they’ve just released the first solo Jansky Noise album in 8 years.

Something Good Is Going To Happen

It’s called Something Good Is Going To Happen and more info and the download link can be found Here. I’d recommend you check this out as it’s excellent and probably not what you’d be expecting at all.

This blog also notes the passing of former NME journalist Steven Wells, who died yesterday of cancer in Philadelphia at the criminally young age of 49. Speaking as somebody who read the NME religiously from the mid-80’s until sometime around the turn of the century, Swells could always be relied on for both attitude and entertainment (how many other music journalists could make you laugh out loud?) and if he was puerile and offensive at times – well, fuck it, that was part of his appeal. The fact that he was a better writer than virtually all of the others in his field was just a bonus.  He was still pissing people off right till the end – if you’ve never read this column from The Guardian from January this year, take a look and have a good laugh, especially at the comments. This was Swells in a nutshell.



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