An Artifact of Progress

Posted: August 22, 2009 in Music


The cassette is now available to buy for £6.00 including P&P anywhere in the world. If you want a copy, go to the STUFF FOR SALE page up on the right-hand side of the screen and follow the instructions there. It’s a cumbersome method, I agree, but  it does have the advantage of the personal touch and now that WordPress, Myspace and almost every other site seem to have some sort of problem with Paypal buttons and Java generally it’s virtually the only option I have left – until I start my own dedicated website.

The cassette is a C-90 – and I’ve managed to squeeze 26 tracks on there, so it lasts just over 85 minutes. The cassettes are chrome and  have been dubbed in real-time from CD for better sound quality.

Track Listing:

side one (red side)

700 Days Away
Forbidden City
Knives Have Been Provided…
Ascent to The Castle
Alpine Fur
The Mask
Flashlight Locale
Principle 2
Zombies On The Riviera
Letters In Faded Ink

side two (green side)

Ten Directions Of Darkness (Excerpt 1)
Bones Became Drumsticks
Principle 4
Ten Directions Of Darkness (excerpt 2)
The Mysterious Disappearance Of Blind Floyd Crumb
The Answer Is In The Question
Night School Tornado
Ten Directions Of Darkness (excerpt 3)
Blessed With Triple Vision
The Devil’s Ashtray (From A Small Bedroom)
Black On Blonde
Ten Directions Of Darkness (excerpt 4)
At The Edge Of The Ice

This release is also the first on my own label, Startled Okapi! Recordings, which will be concentrating on putting out physical stuff at irregular intervals, mostly my own stuff at first, but there may be a possibility of some V/A compilations at some point.

The original idea with this album was to put out some of the more experimental and ambient tracks that have been lying about for a while. In the end, though, I ended up writing a whole load of new stuff, so the album is about 70% new tracks, with only few of the older tracks, such as Quad and “square” getting in. The Ten Directions Of Darkness tracks are excerpts from the full 62-minute piece which may see the light of day at some point – that’s if the files are not so badly corrupted that I haven’t lost them entirely (long story).

NOTE: I completely forgot to mention this:


Digital Vomit’s latest compilation is now out for free download here – the info and full tracklisting is across there as well and it’s well worth grabbing. My track is below:

Mouthwash Of The Gods

This was an attempt to write a 220+ BPM track and, although I succeeded, the result isn’t exactly in keeping with the rest of the album. Still, it was an interesting experiment – that’s one of the best things about this sort of themed compilation, it forces you to write tracks that probably wouldn’t come about in any other way.


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