New album coming soon

Posted: November 28, 2009 in General Stuff

I’ve been sitting on a pile of stuff for a while and it’s really time I got it all out there – so I’ll be releasing another album sometime before Christmas. It’ll be a free download through Digital Vomit, right now I’m trying to whittle it down to a single album’s worth of tracks (there’s more than twice that amount) and I’ll post some more details about it when I get everything sorted.

I also had a massive computer crash this month and basically had to wipe my hard drive and start again – luckily nearly all of the music was on an external drive so it was saved, I wasn’t so lucky with some other stuff I had. I also lost some of my music software and all the software I had to make videos, so there won’t be any more YouTube videos for a while. Still, I’m not complaining as it could’ve been a great deal worse – I’m glad I listened to the people who told me to back everything up now.


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