Miracle Reported At The Shrine

Posted: December 9, 2009 in General Stuff

Miracle Reported At The Shrine

Digital Vomit DVR 054

As promised below the new album Miracle Reported At The Shrine is now available for free download here at Archive.org. As it’s there, you can pick it up as a ZIP file of all the tracks and as individual tracks on MP3, WAV, Ogg and Flac.


01. This Place Belongs To The Spirits (2:38)
02. Now It’s Daybreak (2:19)
03. Voyeur (3:17)
04. Anvil Hands (4:00)
05. Minnow In A Jar (3:18)
06. Confabulations (3:38)
07. Orbits (2:29)
08. Further Confabulations (3:27)
09. Send No Flowers (2:18)
10. Arrowhead Embedded In The Shoulder Of A Buffalo (4:02)
11. That Must Hurt (2:41)
12. Principle 5 (6:19)
13. Not At Rockpalast (2:11)
14. Only Nine Moons (5:08)
15. Xenium (1:07)

These 15 tracks have been knocking about for a while, over a year in some cases, and after a while it seemed pointless to hang onto them any longer. The recent crash has also made me jumpy about losing them entirely.

Now It’s Daybreak, Voyeur, Not At Rockpalast, Xenium, That Must Hurt and Only Nine Moons date back to the album I finished and then decided not to release at the start of the year. Only Nine Moons has been around since last summer and Xenium was written on December 30th last year in my friends’ front room in Torquay. It was meant to just be a sketch but in the end I left it exactly as it was. Confabulations was a track started during the RPM Challenge back in February but not finished until a few months ago. Arrowhead… was written during the summer for a compilation that never happened while Principle 5 is another of the ongoing series of ambient/drone tracks that may well become one of my main focuses next year. Send No Flowers and Orbits were written in hotel rooms in Plymouth and Bristol respectively during the early autumn.

There are still enough tracks left for another album but I want to see how this is received before I decide exactly when to release it (I was thinking within a couple of weeks) – there is also the tendency for people to think that the other tracks are only leftovers that weren’t good enough to find a place here. That isn’t the case at all and I didn’t really want to put out something that was equivalent in length to a double CD in one go. If  I do decide to go ahead with it, look out for an announcement before christmas…

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