Obligatory end of the year post

Posted: December 31, 2009 in General Stuff, Music

Yes, it’s the end of the year (end of another decade) but let’s not get bogged down in all of that stuff – you won’t find any end-of-year charts or New Year’s Resolutions here.  Instead, here’s a couple of recent tracks:

Build Me A Golden Coffin

Principle 7

As for 2010 (it’s another abstract concept, like most things in life), all I’ve got lined up right now is a rough idea about doing the RPM Challenge again in February (I assume right now that it’s actually happening) and possibly releasing some more stuff after that – no idea about format, tracks or anything yet – you’ll have to wait and see. I decided to leave the second album I had planned on the shelf for now, it may turn up later in a vastly different form. There will be a couple of tracks surfacing on compilations early in the year though – more details when I have them…

Calvin & Hobbes

  1. […] couple of these tracks have already been previewed in earlier posts – here for example – so I won’t put them up again. Most of these are pretty recent – […]

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