RPM Challenge: Day 2

Posted: February 3, 2010 in RPM

Well, I’ve made a flying start this year as I’ve already got no less than 9 tracks up and running already. None of them are too far advanced at the moment – certainly none of them are in any sort of position to be shared publicly right now – but, as far as I can tell they’ve all got some sort of potential.

Last year, I came up with 28 tracks in all, but a good number of them were never finished – and never really likely to be either. This year, I seem to be producing better rough ideas. The temptation is to stop generating new ideas and just work on what I’ve already got, however I think I will keep knocking out basic sketches for a little while longer, just in case. But what I’ve got so far suggests that this year is shaping up nicely.

Hopefully, by the weekend there will be a least a couple of tracks for me to put up here.


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