RPM Challenge: Day 3

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Music, RPM

After yesterday’s uninformative post I thought I’d better reveal a couple of tracks, just to prove that something is actually going on here:

Online Friends Aren’t Like Real Friends (Working Title)

I’ll Meet You There

The first has some real live guitar playing on it – albeit chopped up and messed with after I’d recorded it into the computer. There are also some real guitar parts on This Place Belongs To The Spirits on the last album, but they were recorded through my iMic, which seems to enjoy introducing tons of noise into the signal chain for some reason. It suited that track but not this one, so this was recorded plugged straight into the mic input. Crude, but it works.

I’ll Meet You There is one of a number of tracks I’ve put down so far that are basically ambient, and I’m beginning to think that this could be the year I end up doing an ambient album – it’s been on the cards for a while. However, with 3 weeks or so to go yet anything could happen.

It looks as if I’ll have a few days to work on tracks at a leisurely pace as it doesn’t appear that I’ll have to work away for any length of time this month either. That, of course, could change at any time – but right now I’m not feeling any pressure. Having completed the challenge for the last three years I know exactly how much effort has to go into it to reach the end and I know that most of the real work will be done in the 2 weeks from the 8th onwards. The first week is really just laying the foundations and making sure there’s plenty of raw material to work with.


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