RPM Challenge: Day 6

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Music, RPM

I’ve been quietly getting on with it for the last couple of days (hence the lack of posts) and as a result there are quite a few tracks that are nearing completion. Here are a few more demos:

A Memory From The Future

Bernard (Working Title)

Lonesome (Rough Version)

The ambient idea that I was floating in the last post seems to be drifting away now, as plenty of tracks with beats have now emerged.  There are now 15 tracks in various states of completion – with only 1 that I think won’t make the distance. This is far better than the last 2 years where I produced plenty of rough sketches but most of them never got any further. I’ve also run into a couple of problems.

Firstly, I’ve now discovered that I will be away between the 14th and 19th, so – unless I can take my laptop and knock something up in my spare time in a hotel room – there won’t be any work done between those dates. Although that’s a real pain in the arse it can’t be helped, so I shall have to work with it. The way things are progressing now, it may not be too much of a problem. Secondly, there’s the small matter of software trouble. It appears that my desktop is still feeling the after-effects of November’s crash – as I’m having all sorts of trouble with FL Studio being unable to recognise plug-ins (even ones that were used about 10 minutes before!) and shutting down when I try to load new tracks into it. I’ve had to re-install a few lost items, but the only sure-fire way to sort things out is just to shut the whole thing down and start again. Which is frustrating, especially when you’re right in the middle of something. Fortunately, I haven’t lost anything yet.

I’m now starting to think about the next part of the process, in other words, finding a title for the album and sorting out some artwork – not to mention finding titles for all the tracks.

And now I’ll leave you with my Thought For The Day (as borrowed from Gapingvoid.com)


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