RPM Challenge: Day 13

Posted: February 13, 2010 in RPM

Well, I’ve rather surprised myself this year. After 13 days, I’ve got no less than 16 finished tracks (mixed down but not mastered yet) that total nearly an hour of music. This either means I’m going to have a lot of tracks to choose from – or it’s going to become a double album. More than likely it’s going to be the first, especially as I’m away for the next 6 days now. I shall be taking my laptop, so the chance to produce yet more may well present itself. I’ve also got a couple more tracks sitting here that just need some work before they’re done – if I can make another 20-25 minutes of stuff this month, then a double album is what I’ll be submitting come March 1st.

As nothing has been mastered yet, I won’t be posting anything until I get back – and then I’ll have to apply myself to the task of cover art. As I haven’t got a title for this thing yet (or even proper titles for most of the tracks) I do have some thinking to do. Still, I’ve got half the month to do it in. Luxury…

“That is not one of the seven habits of highly effective people.”


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