Borderline Sensations

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Music, RPM

So, here’s the full tracklisting:

01 I’ll Meet You There
02 Bridges And Tunnels
03 A Memory From The Future
04 Blue Zebras
05 Smoke From A Hidden Valley
06 Movies In Your Mind
07 Vapour State
08 Herons…
09 Reductil
10 Leopard Girl
11 Broken Wheel
12 Crossing The Delta By Night
13 The Distance Became Eternity
14 Up Lonesome Mountain, Towards The Stars

Unlike the last 3 years, there’s very few moments on this where I find myself wishing I’d had more time to finish it ‘properly’ – either I’m getting better at this or my quality control is dropping! I hope it’s the former…

Having said that, Herons… (which was written entirely on my laptop in a hotel room in Barnstaple) will most likely be reworked and expanded at some point as it’s only a fragment right now.


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