Borderline Sensations now up on Bandcamp

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Music, RPM

I’ve put this year’s RPM album up at Bandcamp, so it can be downloaded from there – either individual tracks or the whole thing – in a choice of formats (MP3, FLAC, Ogg, AAC). I’ve set it up so you have to name your price, but I’m quite happy if you decide to pay nothing – it’s your choice after all.

However, any payments of over £1 for the entire album (not single tracks) will mean you’ll be sent a link to download Catacombs, a 15-track album of ambient/experimental tracks only available as a bonus download. Here’s the cover and a tracklisting:

01. Walled Garden  (1:30)
02. Eagle’s Egg  (2:49)
03. Mirrors Inside Her Mouth  (3:04)
04. Rex Mundi  (2:57)
05. Growth Rings  (1:36)
06. The Loophole  (3:33)
07. Invisible Diamonds  (3:30)
08. Bleak Midwinter  (2:22)
09. Prayer Mat  (5:26)
10. A Relic Preserved In A Glass Cube  (4:03)
11. Cradle  (2:17)
12. Old Values – New Values  (0:59)
13. Build Me A Golden Coffin  (4:08)
14. Principle 7  (4:33)
15. Catacomb Black  (2:43)

A couple of these tracks have already been previewed in earlier posts – here for example – so I won’t put them up again. Most of these are pretty recent – having been completed in the last 6 months or so – although a couple of them (The Loophole and Invisible Diamonds) go all the way back to 2007. A Relic… is one of the out-takes from this year’s RPM album and Cradle was an off-cut from the 2008 album. Eagle’s Egg was originally slated for release on Digital Vomit’s Ambient compilation last year (a release that seems to be trapped in limbo somewhere) so I decided to release it here instead.


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