It may not seem…

Posted: May 15, 2010 in General Stuff, Music

…as very much is happening here, but there ‘s plenty going on behind the scenes.

Firstly, there’s some gigs in the offing – more details when I have them – and there’s a few tracks waiting to go on compilations. I’ve no idea when any of them will emerge however.

One compilation that I do know about though is the latest one from Digital Vomit, May Cause Drowsiness. This is because I’ve now taken over the business of compiling the thing after the original person running it had to drop out because of various reasons. This should be online sometime near the end of the month, all being well.  This is an ambient compilation that was originally supposed to emerge last year and there’s still time to contribute a track but the deadline is very close now – more information here.

And just to show I’m working on new stuff* here’s a couple of recent tracks:

A Wake

Old Turmeric

Downloads of Catacombs have been disappointing, so there’s a good chance that I may withdraw the offer soon and re-issue it as a CDr at some point in the near future. If you want one now, follow the Bandcamp link on the right of the page – if it is re-issued, there will more than likely be track changes.

And finally…

*actually, unless I state otherwise, I’m always working on new tracks…


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