A long overdue update…

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Music

Due to various internet problems (now hopefully resolved) I haven’t really been able to get online for any length of time for the last month or so. So I was unable to give out any advance details of Digital Vomit’s trip to Japan to play a couple of shows. Actually, it was more like a two-week holiday punctuated with a couple of shows in the last few days. This wasn’t really the intention, but that was how it turned out.  As well as me, there was James Miller aka Solypsis and Matt Davey aka Hardoff. Matt actually lives in Japan, which meant he ended up having to organize the Osaka gig and look after two confused foreigners – something he managed very well indeed (even if it meant kicking us out of the house in the rain and sending us off with a map to look at shrines and the like).

Here’s the flyer for the Osaka show – a completely mad night that didn’t wrap up until 5:30 in the morning. I may well be shown as being top of the bill (!) but I actually played at 2:30 in the morning. Here’s a quick picture of part of the running order:

Can’t say I was particularly happy with my set, it didn’t seem to work too well for me. There were a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it was 2:30 in the morning and, secondly, I’d been drinking Tequila shots beforehand with some crazy Japanese girl. One thing I’ve learnt in years of playing in bands is that it’s better to play when you’re reasonably sober. So I’ve no-one to blame but myself if I ignore my own advice. However, after moaning at length afterwards how bad I thought it was, somebody walked up to me after I left the backstage (actually accessed via an elevator as, in usual Japanese style it was seven floors above the club) and shook my hand, so I guess he must’ve liked it.

There were some killer acts on the bill with us as well. Maruosa was especially brutal (we got to play with him again in Fukuoka a couple of days later, which was an added bonus – he also met us a Narita Airport, which was very good of him as James and me would’ve probably been lost on the Tokyo subway forever otherwise). BSK (who also played in Fukuoka), Uterozzzaaa, Sexy Food and Violent Holiday (who played his entire set with just a tiny Roland sampler) also deserve special mention – but everybody I saw played well.

I recorded both gigs, but I want to listen back to the Osaka one some more before I post it on here…

The Fukuoka gig a couple of days later wasn’t actually a proper DigiVom gig as we decided there was no point in playing a gig the same night as another event. The club was smaller and the turnout was less than Osaka but both James and me played much better and were really pleased with the outcome – although trying to sleep in an internet cafe afterwards wasn’t so great…

Here’s the audio of the Fukuoka gig. 27 minutes 256Kbps MP3

Or download it if you prefer:

Live in Fukuoka 4-7-10

There’ll be plenty more Japan stuff to follow on here – but this post is long enough already and I really need to get some proper pictures – and maybe even some video footage – from James (who so far has only put them up at his Facebook page – which I can’t access).

In other news, I have a track on this:

This is Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation Volume Ten compiled by Hal McGee. Don’t despair if you don’t own a Microcassette recorder as there are also CDr copies available. The series was supposed to stop at Volume Nine, so I was thinking I’d missed the boat, but there was apparently enough material for a tenth, and presumably final, volume so here it is. For more information and ordering details go here.


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