It’s August

Posted: August 15, 2010 in General Stuff, Music

…and I’m going to make the effort to post on here more often.

There have been a few things happening behind the scenes and I’ll reveal all at the appropriate time. However, one thing that I can tell is that I’ve got another gig coming up. It’s on October 9th in Colchester – the full details are HERE so if you’re interested have a look there and put your name down. It should be a good night.

Here’s a couple of new tracks:

History of The Secret World


I’ve got enough tracks now for another album – so that will be released sooner or later. Not sure yet exactly where or in what format, I’ll tell you when I know. There’s also a chance there will be a second vclume of Catacombs released as well before the end of the year. That will be a free download I expect. More details about that as well when I know.

I also promised some more pictures of the Japan trip, so there will be some… once I’ve sorted through the vast amount that I’ve been given. First, here’s the sort of thing you can expect to find if you go shopping for clothes…


  1. junkshop_coyote says:

    Ever seen Some of these shirts look like they belong there. :)

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