Two New Compilations

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Music

I’ve got tracks on two new compilations that have just emerged on Digital Vomit.

I really should’ve mentioned the first one last week, but I got sidetracked by posting pictures of Japanese T-shirts and forgot about it. For some reason it was decided that what the world needed was another Lady Gaga remix album, so we knocked one out in a couple of weeks – released online to coincide with the US release of her album The Remix that’s been out in the rest of the world for a little while.

DVR 057 – Lady Gagging – The Remix

There’s more info, a tracklisting and a download link HERE – my track was done under my Next Stop Uranus alias – not that I’m embarrassed or anything…

As you can see, we’ve gone to the trouble of making the sleeve look as close to the original as we can (all of it done by DigiVom member Beytah – who was also responsible for the flyer for the Osaka gig). There’s also a YouTube channel for this as well. Go to Ladygagamediablitz for videos for the entire album.

Also out on Digital Vomit now is this:

DVR 053 – Various – Der Narrenturm*

This has been ongoing for a while – my track for it was done sometime last year and submitted in late December – the basic concept for the album is “A celebration of deviationism, mutation and the beauty of genetic error.”

The page is HEREthere isn’t a dedicated page at DigiVom for it just yet – but there should be one very soon… The DigiVom page – with track-listing – is HERE

And here’s another new track, just to round things off:

Thor Heyerdahl

*I’m guessing the cover is supposed to be sideways as it turned up in the zip file like that…


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