More on One Nation Under Glass

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Music

I promised a bit more about the latest album so here, slightly later than I’d intended, is it.


01. The Elusive (3:46)
02. Transit Way (3:05)
03. Scythe (5:08)
04. Iron Spined (3:13)
05. Cerberus 2 (1:47)
06. Girl With Four Brothers (3:31)
07. Mangroves (2:38)
08. Old Turmeric (2:42)
09. Kill The Messenger (4:06)
10. Mythical Bananas (2:22)
11. Two Nameless People (3:21)
12. Herons (Again) (5:18)
13. Bible Bound With Human Skin (10:50)

Apart from Two Nameless People, which was finished late last year, everything else is fairly recent. I had a major burst about the time I was in Japan and for the six weeks after I returned, so a good number of those tracks date from July and August. Old Turmeric and Bible Bound With Human Skin were finished back in March and April, Herons (Again) is an expansion of one of the tracks done for the RPM Challenge back in February – I finished that off in Japan. Mythical Bananas was done in Japan as well. The Elusive is the most recent track – that was finished only about three weeks ago. everything else was done in July or August – or at least completed then, as a few of these had been sitting about for a month or two beforehand.

At one point I was writing a track a day, and a recent check showed I’m sitting on about two hours worth of tracks I still haven’t put out anywhere. So I guess another album before Christmas is looking quite likely now. Actually, I’m pretty pleased with this one and how it turned out – I tried some of the other tracks I’d written but these seemed to be the ones that worked best together. Not sure how valid the idea of a series of tracks working together as an album really is in the MP3 era, but I guess I’m still one of those people who think of albums as having some kind of continuity – instead of just a number of unrelated tracks stuck together for convenience’s sake. The next album may well be another cassette – although it poses its own problems, at least you can sequence the whole thing as you wish without knowing people are going to shuffle through it at random.

I actually said to somebody recently that my plan was to make 101 albums before I jacked it in, so far I’ve only managed 10 – and at the present rate that will take me another 37 years till I reach that milestone! I’m not sure how realistic that is, but I intend to have a go at it anyway. 2047 is a long way away…

The cover, for your information, is a distorted photograph of my grandparents and their children – taken sometime just before WW2. My father is standing to the immediate right of the sitting couple. Nothing like a bit of family history, is there?

Coming in my next post (possibly tomorrow) – More about Foreshadows: The Ghosts Of Zero.

And for anybody in The Colchester area – don’t forget I’ll be playing there on Saturday 9th October:

Slack Space, Colchester, 19-29 Queen Street
(next to the bus station at the old Shoeworld building)


Totally free – and no guest list now either – just turn up on the night.


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