Yet Another Album

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Music

Yes, I know I released an album last month but I did say there was a chance there would be another one along pretty soon – and the opportunity’s arisen, so here it is.

The Crossfire Era – Datahex Records

Deleted as of 2016…


1. History Of The Secret World
2. Photostat
3. The Hermit
4. San Marco in Boccaluma
5. Mousetrap
6. Photostat Residue
7. Bandit’s Tombstone
8. Glimpse Behind The Curtain
9. The Symbol Of The Goat
10. More Residue
11. Magnesium
12. Thor Heyerdahl
13. Dream Logic
14. Malign Forces
15. Final Residue
16. Cold Therapy

Generally, this is a bit more ambient and experimental than the last one, although there are a few tracks with beats as well. The track I submitted for the Datahex compilation mentioned in the last post is included on this mainly as it’s part two of a four-part track and makes a bit more sense in context with the other three sections. The Hermit and Malign Forces were both recorded last year (The Hermit has been knocking around since last spring) but virtually everything else is pretty recent. Some people may notice that The Symbol Of The Goat is based on one of my older tracks (namely Ghosts Of Horses from Rising  From The Deep) heavily re-edited using my live set-up and cut up with other material – some fans of 70’s Rock may recognize parts of the mid-section.

While I’m here, I’ll also remind you that the funding project for Foreshadows is still ongoing here and still needs your cash to make it happen. Although it’s a fair way along there’s still a need for more funds. It runs until November 3rd.


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