‘Tis The Season…

Posted: December 22, 2010 in General Stuff, Music

…for all that festive stuff I try to avoid like the plague. However, it’s been snowing on and off  in this part of the world for the last few weeks, so for once, it actually feels like Christmas. Well, a bit anyway. Just don’t expect any end-of-the-year charts or anything.

I’ve been keeping a bit of a low profile for the last month or so – just been working on tracks and dealing with general life stuff. In preparation for next year’s RPM Challenge, I decided that I really needed to clear out a lot of my half-finished tracks and experiment a bit more in the meantime. To this end, I decided to record 3 albums in the 3 months leading up to next February. So far, I’ve managed 2 (finished the December one this morning in fact ) and I may start on the January one before the end of the week, although I’ve got a few other things I need to do first. I’ve no idea if I’ll end up putting any of this stuff out in the near future – or at all in fact. So the 3 tracks below may be the only ones you’ll ever hear:

In The Last Few Seconds


Hidden Transmitter

I’m hoping that producing a great amount of music like this will result in a process of  ‘accelerated evolution’ if you like, and will mean next year’s RPM album will be a clear progression from what’s gone before. I’ve proved already that I can make an album in a month, so that’s not too much of a challenge any more – so if I’m going to participate at all I’d like the results be a worthwhile step forward.

Speaking of moving on, it’s pretty likely that I’m going to stop updating the Myspace page in the New Year. I’m not going to kill it off altogether – but I don’t intend to add anything else to it now. All the information and updates will be here. I think Myspace has had its time really and their new layout is frankly appalling – at least there’s no ads here (yet).

The Foreshadows project managed to raise the cash it needed to proceed (thanks to anybody who put their hand in their pocket to help, it’s much appreciated) – so that will be happening at some point next year. I’m not sure of a release date yet (although I’ve heard rumours of August) but as soon as I know I’ll post about it here.

Apart from that, plans for next year are vague right now. There may well be some more live outings (things are in the planning stage right now) and, as Mitch Hilton has decided to retire his netlabel Hallo Excentrico!, some of my old albums that are posted there may be turning up elsewhere in the near future. I certainly intend to go back to the oldest, Intentional Distortion, and sort it out, as it currently only exists as poor-quality MP3 files that have some mastering issues that I’d like to clear up. There may even be a limited physical release of it as well, with spanking new artwork to boot. More info on all of that when I have it.

And, as a last word, I don’t tend to mention the deaths of famous musicians very much on here (not least as I’d end up filling the page) but I really couldn’t end this without mentioning the recent death of Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart.

There isn’t really very much to say that probably hasn’t been dragged out a thousand times everywhere else on the net or in print – but, really, go and listen to Trout Mask Replica or Clear Spot or Safe As Milk and tell  me the guy wasn’t a genius. I know that word’s virtually meaningless these days, but if anybody deserved the term, he did. Thanks Captain.


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