First update of 2011

Posted: January 21, 2011 in General Stuff, Music

There’s a few things to report – although it’s been quite quiet so far there’s enough going on to justify a post I reckon.

Firstly, I’ve added an MP3 page to the site. As I’ve stopped all updates on the Myspace page now, I wanted somewhere to upload tracks from old and new releases (the only good thing about Myspace was the player and even that had issues) so I’ve set up a dedicated page – look at the top for the link. I’ll be updating this as I go, so check it out and see what you think. Like I said, there will be no new updates on the Myspace page and the only reason I haven’t pulled it altogether is just so it can serve as a link here for any curious people passing through there.

Secondly, I finally received a few copies of the ROBOstud LP (yes, vinyl) Soothing Sounds For 22nd Century Factory Workers through the post just before Christmas (the whole story of this release is here) so I now have a few spare copies to distribute.

Yes, it's vinyl!

Don’t they look nice – and they are – so if anybody wants one, just give me a shout via the contact page and we’ll sort something out – first come first served, I’ll most likely only charge you for P&P.

I’ve been having some issues with the comments on this site, as the spam filters seem to be eating comments before I get the chance to moderate them, so if you’ve left some comment and it hasn’t appeared that’s the reason why. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sort this out soon…

Soon, it’ll be February again and I’ll be attempting the RPM Challenge again for the fifth year. That means plenty of posts on here, although I expect my time to be as limited as it’s been the last two years. I finished the January album I was working on (it came out rather well actually) and at some point, although I’ve no idea when right now, some or all of the tracks I’ve recorded in the last three months may actually emerge. Right now though, here’s just one:

Bolivian Flashback

There’s also been a burst of promotional activity on Digital Vomit – there’s now a YouTube channel and a page so feel free to take a look at both of them, there’ll be much more added to both of them in the coming weeks.


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