RPM Challenge – Day 2

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Music, RPM

Well, I’m back in the thick of it again, for the fifth year running. Although as I’ve been knocking out albums at a fairly regular pace it’s a place I’m pretty familiar with now.

This year I didn’t start at the stroke of midnight as I’ve done the last two years. This was mainly as I was asleep at the time – what a slacker I am, eh? Actually, it’s been a bit of a low-key start so far. By the third day last year, I already had the basics of at least ten songs that made it onto the album. So far this year I’ve started eight tracks – and that’s with the benefit of having the whole day off today to work on stuff –  but right now, there’s no way of telling how many of them will make the final cut as some are little more than fragments at the moment.

One thing that’s going to make a real difference this year is the fact that I now have a fully-functioning five-octave MIDI keyboard to play about with, something I haven’t had the luxury of before. I’m already finding that this means I’m approaching tracks in a whole new manner and it’s bound to rub off on this album. In fact, I know it already has..

Here’s the two tracks I’ve already finished. Right now, I’ve no idea if they’ll make the final album but they’re here anyway:

Tiny Beaks

Under Fluorescent Lights

I’m hoping I should be able to make some steady progress on this album in the next week or so – without too many outside interruptions at least. Slacking off by spending too much time online is a different matter though…

There’s a couple of other non-RPM items of news coming soon as well, but until they happen I won’t say any more.


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