RPM Challenge – Day 10

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Music, RPM

These updates aren’t coming as fast as the last couple of years as my time for posting has been more limited than it has been for a while. Not only is my day job taking more of my time than I’d like right now, but I decided that what time I do have left would be better served by making music rather than blogging about it*.

Having said that, I have to report that things are progressing – I’ve got five finished tracks and a whole load of other bits and pieces. There are four other tracks that are virtually done and a couple more that aren’t too far away. Here’s two more tracks (one finished – one not so finished):

Albino Worms

22Ill (Rough Version)

The second of these was mostly done last night in a hotel room somewhere near Taunton and partly finished off this afternoon. There are still some timing and harmonic issues to be cleared up yet, but it’s ok so far. Nearly all of the part-finished tracks have beats and should make a good contrast to the shorter, more abstract tracks I’ve mostly been finishing this month. Using the keyboard seems to be making a massive difference as well, it seems strange now that I spent years just programming stuff in and never really considered getting one before.

I guess I’m not being over-informative about the whole process, but while I’m still treading about in the basement in the dark it isn’t easy to see how it’s all coming together. Once it’s all done I’ll be in a better position to explain everything.

*Just in case you think I’m being grouchy about this (I admit I probably am, as I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should) I look at the RPM site virtually every day and find it’s being currently flooded with blogs by people – most of them first-timers – who seem to want to post about every time they change their guitar strings and what they gave their dog for supper. All well and good, there’s nothing like communication for building a community I guess, but I really hope these people have enough spare time they can afford to waste by blogging incessantly. It just looks like classic avoidance tactics as far as I can tell. Obviously, I’d love them all to complete the challenge – for their own sakes more than mine, clearly  – but I really wonder how many will? I can see a lot of people desperately writing, recording and mastering their last three tracks on the night of Feb 28th…


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