RPM Challenge – Day 14

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Music, RPM

Well, as far as the challenge goes, I’ve pretty much made it. As 10 songs or 35 minutes of original music marks the finishing line, I’ve crossed it tonight. Right now, I’ve got 14 tracks totalling roughly 44 minutes. I would add that four of these are still rough versions and, with virtually half the month left, I’m going to plough on and record a load more stuff – just to see what comes out.

Recording three albums in as many months coming into this has really sharpened me up – so much so that I may keep going and record an album every month for a while now – maybe until the end of the year. Well, perhaps…

Here’s two more for your listening pleasure:

Go Northwestern

Routine Surveillance

Of course, now that the music is coming together, the next thing is a title for the album and some cover art. As my colour printer is totally kaput now, I’m looking at some kind of black-and-white sleeve for this year. Something easy to reproduce that doesn’t completely suck. I’ve no real idea right now, but I know that something will turn up before the end of the month as it always does. I’ve got a couple of ideas for titles but I’m keeping them to myself for now, mainly as they always change…

And here’s one more thing for you, I’ve been threatening more Japanese pictures for ages so here are a couple before I go:

They’re actually fridge magnets (no, they are – really)

Once again, something got lost in the translation…

(More to come – probably about June 2012 at this rate)


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