RPM Challenge – done and dusted

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Music, RPM

Yes, it’s all over for another year – the completed CD was posted yesterday morning, albeit without cover art. This year seemed to be the easiest of all to complete as, having made 3 other albums recently, I didn’t feel myself to be under any pressure. I also didn’t have loads of scraps lying about waiting either. 22 tracks were started and 17 were finished in February. Of the others, it’s possible that I shall sort most of them out in due course as well.

The album’s called Leave Your Barren World Behind, it lasts almost exactly 50 minutes and has 15 tracks. A full tracklisting is below:

1: Tiny Beaks (2:34)
2: Grains Of Steel (4:03)
3: In The Company Of Spooks (2:08)
4: Go Northwestern (2:53)
5: The Representative (3:19)
6: His Shadow Lingered In A Cave (4:06)
7: Malpractice (2:17)
8: Burst Open (2:38)
9: The Idea As An Abstract (5:40)
10: Fight The Good Fight (2:37)
11: Albino Worms (2:47)
12: The Maze Of Infinity (4:00)
13: Antiquarians And Abecedarians (3:40)
14: Spotlight Theory (3:53)
15: Under Fluorescent Lights (3:19)

Once I’ve got some cover art together (usual printer issues) I’ll post it, along with a bit more explanation about the tracks. Right now, I’m not entirely sure about what I’m going to do with this now it’s recorded. I shall most likely post it all at Last.fm in a few days, once I’ve sorted out lower bitrate MP3s, but long-term I’m undecided. Using Bandcamp for last year’s album was an interesting experiment that didn’t really work out, meaning Borderline Sensations is probably one of my least-heard albums, certainly out of the RPM ones anyway.

My next project is to reissue Intentional Distortion, now I’ve actually got round to remastering it, on Digital Vomit. The plan being that there’ll be physical copies available via Kunaki. As soon as I’ve got this up and running I shall post it here. If it comes out alright, I shall most likely reissue a few others through it, probably as Startled Okapi! releases, and that may be the final destination of this year’s album.


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