Intentional Distortion Reissue

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Music, RPM

Now at Kunaki (link is here)

This was the first album I made as Thee Crumb and it was recorded from scratch in just over 3 weeks in February 2007 as part of the RPM challenge. I’ve been meaning to go back to it and sort out the final masters as I was never really happy with the sound of it. The MP3 files posted by Mitch at Hallo Excentrico! were 256K files (the best quality I had at that time) and there were also a number of issues regarding sound quality and end points that I wanted to address.

The album was mastered using a pre-amp plug-in as part of the chain, something I later discovered didn’t give any real analogue feel – all it did was insert noise into the signal instead. Obviously I’ve got no objection to noise, but I want it to be there because I put it there, not because of some second-rate plug-in. The new masters have that removed. There was also an echo plug-in that I frequently use that has a tape hiss control. Due to the speakers I was using at the time it wasn’t always obvious when this was off. Turning it off now has made quite a difference to a couple of the tracks, Mantrap in particular. Also, due to not checking any of the endpoints using headphones, I ended up cutting some of the ends and reverb tails off on a few tracks – this has now been rectified as well, which means there may be a slight variation in track length from the original version. Probably no more than a second or two though.

In addition, I’ve sorted out the artwork (the original cover looks a bit lame now) and, for anybody wondering why the reissue is a track shorter, well, the album was always supposed to finish with I’m 100,000 Years Old (as the RPM version of it does) and Stale Ectoplasm was a bonus track tacked on just for the Hallo Excentrico! version.

Incidently, I’m still (as of posting this) waiting for the sample copy to arrive. Hopefully, there won’t be any production issues with it. As Kunaki is almost entirely automated, there is always the chance that something may not go right, but I’ve put the link up anyway. If any issues do arise, I’ll let you know.

More on this year’s RPM album coming soon…


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