End of June

Posted: June 25, 2011 in General Stuff, Music

I’ve been slacking off on posting on here, mainly as there hasn’t been too much going on, but I’ve been passing the  time working on yet more tracks (no idea where any of them will end up long-term though) and dealing with the usual life stuff.

Just started reading Simon Reynold”s Retromania, as I saw a copy as I was wandering round Waterstones while I was at a loose end in yet another identikit shopping mall last week. If you don’t know what it’s about yet go here for all the information you’ll probably need, short of reading it yourself. As I haven’t finished it yet, it’s probably not fair to give any kind of review of the thing, although it’s certainly given me food for thought about sampling and the amount of downloading I do. Not sure if I can justify filling my hard-drive with stuff I only listen to a couple of times and claim it’s just ‘musical research’ any more. What he has to say about the whole culture of ‘retro’ is fairly sensible as well – and it ties in with some of my thoughts on the matter as well – not that I’ve actually sat down and come up with any kind of theories regarding the whole business, it’s more just a sense of general unease. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll post some more on the subject.

Incidently, he gets credit for making me laugh as well – at one point he describes Boards Of Canada’s beats trudging ‘stoically like an elderly shire horse on a canal’s towpath pulling a barge behind it’ – which is not only funny, but kind of dead-on as well…

In other news, Foreshadows is also trudging like a shire horse towards publication – just a couple of weeks ago I had the slightly surreal experience of having to autograph a pile of title pages for the story my music is attached to. Photographic evidence of myself and some of the other miscreats involved in this project doing the same can be viewed here – as you can see I made a point of tidying up before I took pictures.

Here’s a couple of recent tracks as well:

Home Is A Black Leather Jacket

Sunk Under The Creeping Trees

And, just to round things off, if you’ve got nothing better to do with an hour of your life, check out this podcast by Hardoff (NSFW – that applies to both him and the podcast) now up at Braindance – it’s pretty good, despite (or maybe even because of) his decision to play everything at 45. It’s something to do with being Australian I think…


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