Leave Your Barren World Behind now at Bandcamp

Posted: July 23, 2011 in General Stuff, Music, RPM

The title of the post just about sums it up – the link is here – the download is name-your-price, but isn’t free I’m afraid as Bandcamp only hand out a certain amount of free downloads these days before you have to start charging. The minimum is £1.00 for the entire album or £0.25 for an individual track, and the CD copy is still avalable at Kunaki as well.

In other news, I’m currently sitting on a great pile of unreleased stuff, some of which I’m hopeful will be out in the near future – more about that as and when it happens.

Here’s a couple more new tracks in the meantime:

For The Dying Breed

The Ocean Is Full Of Tiny Lights

And, if anybody’s interested, I did manage to finish Retromania and very interesting it was as well. As to my reactions to it, I intend to post about that at some point in the near future as it deserves a better response than my poor overtaxed brain can manage right now…


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