New Compilation Track

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Music

Available now for download on Datahex (go here for ZIP file)

List of artists:

Jane Cutter
Horrible Mess
Botched Facelift
The Uh…
Inappropriate King Live
Art Schnurple
Flithy Turd
X Ray Bitch brain
Jerk Kerouac
Xedh & Niebla fascista
Fatal position
Travis johnson
A Night To Dismember
Thee Crumb
Phoned Nil Trio
Kim Jong Il

My track (a reworked version of Malpractice from Leave Your Barren World Behind) is actually the opening track. As it’s Datahex, quite a bit of this is noise, but nothing to be afraid of…

Here’s another new track:

They Invented The Future But Couldn’t Live There


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