New Album Now Out

Posted: November 3, 2011 in General Stuff, Music

As Digital Vomit is very close to 100 releases now, I decided to finally release one of the three albums I made at the end of last year before the RPM 2011 album – mainly as we’re trying to get the release tally to 100 as work starts on a best-of compilation. As I judged this one to be the strongest of the three, it got the nod over the others.

The Curious Effects Of Snake Oil And Other Phenomena


01. Ruy Lopez (3:12)

02. The Beast Moves In Darkness (3:42)

03. Mikan (1:55)

04. Greenish Light Emanating From A Spinning Globe (4:26)

05. Hidden Transmitter (3:32)

06. Fetish Slump (1:03)

07. How To Be In Two Places At Once (2:48)

08. Scarecrows (3:30)

09. Fortuna/I’ll Trade You Some Moonrock For A Piece Of Your Dream (3:49)

10. Snake Oil Effect (1:35)

11. Omen Corner (3:57)

12. Meadow Fresh (1:16)

13. Beyond The Gates (5:31)

14. Ashes Of Summer (4:08)

15. The Wilderness King (0:45)

Download ZIP file here (VBR MP3) page here (For other formats – WAV, Ogg and FLAC – also for streaming of individual tracks)

About half the tracks were written entirely during December 2010 while the others were part-finished tracks that had been awaiting completion for a while. In the case of Ruy Lopez and Beyond The Gates,  they had been sitting about since early 2009, while The Beast Moves… dates back ever further. All three of these albums were partly conceived as cupboard-clearers to some extent as the amount of half-finished tracks were starting to pile up and I knew I risked either losing them completely in another crash (as I lost a fair few others at the end of 2008) or never doing anything with them at all. Having all this unfinished stuff lying about is a serious energy drain too.

Right now, I’ve no idea if any of the tracks from the other two albums from this time (or the two I’ve recorded since RPM) will be surfacing soon – or at all. So enjoy this one…

There’s other news in the offing, but I shall talk about that when I know enough to post.


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