Ho Ho Ho…

Posted: December 23, 2011 in General Stuff, Music

…and as it’s pouring with rain, it must be Christmas time. Actually, I just post at this time of the year as it’s an excuse to use another one of these Russian Christmas card images I found online. 2011 hasn’t been a wonderful year for a number of reasons so I’m pretty glad to see the back of it. Here’s hoping 2012 is a bit better – although the long-overdue arrival of Foreshadows suggests that it will be.

Anyway before I check out for another year I really should mention this compilation I’m on…

‘Our Marriage Is Collapsing’
The 2011 Braindance! Forum Compilation.

1. Topher (ft. Céline) – Shotgun Wedding
3. Stygian J – Flatpack Relationship
4. Hardoff – Loa Loa Filariasis
5. Gusset – Cab Ride To Hell
6. Pastor Martin – 1000 Days
7. Una Niña Malvada – Bodas De Laser
8. Anexium – Eanise
9. Thee Crumb – Sometimes You Wonder (Why You Even Bothered)
10. Bendish – Indra’s Net
11. Wellcom – Collapse
12. Ironic (ft. Cyan) – The Fallout Of Too Much Partying (The Children, Think Of The Children)
13. Libythth – The Drain Leads To The Ocean
14. mIIm – Irretrievable
15. Szuumm – Men Are From Arse, Women Are From Venice
16. T-toe – Well It Started Pretty Good But Then Kinda Fizzled Out
17. Wave Editor – Immutable Oxytocin Vacuum
18. Jilk – I’m Divorcing You Because Of Your Stupid Vagina
19. Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla – Resigned

Download the album now from:

A fine line-up I’m sure you’ll agree…

Here’s a couple of new-ish tracks just to round things off:

The Panther Left Tracks in The Sand

Death Mask Of Fu Manchu

Cynical? Me?


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