RPM 2012 – Day 12

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Music, RPM

I’m closing in on this thing again – so far I’ve got 9 finished tracks and another 4 very nearly there. That’s pretty much an album if I chose to use all of them – and there’s still half a month left to go. In previous years, I’ve said that I might actually make a double album and, although it’s never happened in the end, this year may well be the year it happens…

None of the finished tracks have been mastered or even have proper titles yet, so I’m not going to post anything until that’s been done. Then, of course, it’s the routine of having to come up with a title and sort out some cover art. I’ve only got access to a black-and-white printer right now, so there won’t be anything flashy accompanying the CD I send to RPM – but that shouldn’t affect anything I post online.

Edit: Still having major issues with this site but here’s a work-in-progress. I’ve no idea exactly where this one came from but here it is anyway:

Ranch (First Rough Version)


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