RPM 2012 – Day 18

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Foreshadows, Music, RPM

Forgive the lack of updates this month, it isn’t that I’ve been avoiding this place or anything but I have been really busy and I’m been working hard on tracks. There’s also the small matter that it’s been virtually impossible to log on here and actually post anything for a while – the post below this one took about two hours to get online. I’d love to tell you how one e-mail to WordPress support sorted everything but, as of writing this, I’ve still received no reply to the message I wrote last Sunday (although I can get in here now and post stuff so they may have done something – I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they did, OK?)

So, anyway, I’ve got 14 finished tracks – more than enough for an album – but I’m still plugging on, as I’ve not entirely forgotten that I said that this might be the year that I submit a double CD. It may well happen – I’ve got 11 days still. This is also the first year since 2008 that I haven’t been away for at least a couple of days during the challenge, which means I haven’t been working on tracks in a hotel room on my laptop this year. Not a bad thing in itself as, now I’ve got all this extra computing power it’s nice to put it to use – but sometimes I come up with stuff sat about late at night in odd places that I’d never get here at home.

Still, here are 3 finished tracks:

Closer (Than You Thought)

100 Scorpions

Slowly Slowly

I’ve also got a working title for the album as well (if I do get enough tracks for a second album, it’ll be called something else) but I’ll keep it to myself until it’s actually set in stone.

I should also mention that Foreshadows gets its proper release this week (on Tuesday in fact) and, in their ongoing Facebook promotion campaign they’ve got round to mentioning me and my ‘cough’ ‘highly ambitious musical output dreams’ – personally, I think 100 albums is more than possible – actually the plan is 101 (excluding compilations, reissues and live albums – and that’s released, not just recorded) – it’s something to aim for, right? Even if, at the present rate, it takes me another 37-odd years to achieve…


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