RPM Challenge 2012 – Finished

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Music, RPM

It’s all over for another year…

The album is titled Exteriors and the track-listing is below

1: The Tape Is Dissolving (1:21)
2: Reality’s Trapdoor (3:05)
3: 100 Scorpions (6:21)
4: Coiled And Luminous (1:58)
5: Blades Of Silver Glint In Moonlight (5:06)
6: …And Then The Skin Peeled Away (3:27)
7: Closer (Than You Thought) (3:26)
8: Souvenir For A Tourist (3:32)
9: Medusa Revisited (6:43)
10: Cosmic Stalker (4:18)
11: The Mule Knows The Way Home (4:20)
12: Slowly Slowly (3:19)

Only 12 tracks on the album this year – but there are a few longer ones than usual. There were also a few out-takes as well which will most likely end up somewhere in the future. Once again, I decided against the double CD – maybe that’ll be the plan for next year. I’ll post up some of the album tracks when WordPress is behaving itself – so possibly never – and once I’ve actually decided what I’m going to do with this year’s album I’ll post that here as well. Right now, I’m leaning towards the Bandcamp / Kunaki route I’ve taken in the last couple of years, but we’ll see how it pans out. I’ll be back with some more info about the tracks when I can actually post some links to them. Links posted for six tracks…


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