Nonjah Tunes

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Compilations, General Stuff, Music

Nonjah Tune

Yet another compilation from Digital Vomit, this time “Initiated and curated by Tomoroh Hidari this selection showcases 16 submissions by Digital Vomit regulars and friends, all in the sign of scattering echoes, ostinato- and wobbling bass-lines and that special flavor of post-Jamaican unrooted reggae that respects the roots through adaptation rather than colonializing them through imitation.”

The Digital Vomit page for links to downloads and tracklisting is here – so make sure you grab it as it’s another good one. And I’m not just saying that as I’ve got two tracks on it…

In other news, I’ve got another album all completed and ready to go, so watch out for an announcement when I get everything sorted out. Unless things change, it’s going to be a limited CDr (possibly no more than 20 copies right now) but more details and such when it’s ready. It’s more ambient and beatless than some of my more recent work, but still quite dark in places.

Here are a couple more new tracks just to round things off:


Take To The Skies


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