New album – and a new website

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Music, New Releases, Startled Okapi

The album I promised in my last post is finished and ready to go – and in addition, I’ve re-activated (not that it was ever particularly active in the first place I know) Startled Okapi! Recordings to put it out. The label now has its own blog (which can be found here) where I can use Paypal – this also means I can keep the label and my musical activities on here separate. Even if everything released on there so far is by me…

I’m in the process of moving most of the selling side over there so if any links on the discography page – or anywhere else on here – go nowhere for a while, that’ll be the reason. It will all be sorted soon.

Anyway, here’s the new album:

Thee Crumb – Theda Bara

CDr – Numbered edition of 20 – recycled sprayed painted sleeves with paste-on covers. 12 tracks, Ambient and moody stuff – no beats – perfect listening for those winter evenings…

1: Trapped Outside Waiting
2: Eyes Of A Spider 1
3: A Gargoyle At Close Quarters
4: The Belltower By Moonlight
5: Alien Implants
6: Eyes Of A Spider 2
7: Cum Grano Salis
8: Dead Fish Fill The Lagoon
9: No Sanctuary Here
10: Eyes Of A Spider 3
11: Silent Pool
12: Still Waiting…

The cover isn’t actually as blue as it’s shown above (actually it’s not blue at all, I blame my phone…) Like I said above, there are only 20 of these and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Go to the Startled Okapi! blog to grab one.
The Belltower By Moonlight

Dead Fish Fill The Lagoon


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