RPM 2013 – 2nd update and another compilation track too…

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Compilations, Music, RPM

Things are proceeding pretty well so far this month. I’ve got 13 tracks totally finished and there are another 4 that are just about there. Despite that, I’ve only got just over 22 minutes of music so far. Still, it’s only the 11th, so plenty of time yet. Doing all these short tracks has been very interesting – quite a bit of fun as well, the longest so far weighing in at 1:45 seconds. Here are a couple more demos – as I haven’t mastered any of the finished tracks or even properly titled them yet. I may have to come up with at least 40-odd titles this year instead of the usual 15 or so:

Grub (First Rough Version)

Vase (First Rough Version)

In addition, I’ve got a track on this year’s Braindance forum compilation. This was actually due out just before xmas – so it turned up in February. It’s called No One Died, and is a sort of tribute to 2012.

BITP009DL - Cover

The link to the page on the forum is here or you can just go straight to Bit-Phalanx and pick it up on their release page. I should also add that my track is actually titled We Apologize For The Late Arrival Of The End Of The World, but I guess that was too long to get on the artwork. Oh well…


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