RPM 2013 – 3rd update and some more stuff too

Posted: February 16, 2013 in A Plot Of Knives, Music, New Releases, RPM

So, here’s a couple of finished tracks:

The Tomb Of Dido

Globe And Sceptre

The Dido in the title of the first track is a reference to the legendary Queen of Carthage, rather than the whiny singer/songwriter whose CDs seem to be clogging every charity shop I look in these days – just thought I’d point that out.

I’ve got 26 finished tracks now, but only a few mastered and titled, so there ‘s a bit of work to do just yet. The total playing time for all these tracks comes in somewhere just over 31 minutes, so I think I’ll need about another dozen or so to get me over the line. 45 minutes is roughly what I’m looking for.

In other news, I’ve just put up an album at Digital Vomit by A Plot of Knives. The album’s called The Palace Of Winter.

Front Cover

Four tracks in total (just over 38 minutes in all) recorded in a single day in December last year – basically they consist of live laptop improvisations which are then minimally edited and treated afterwards. The Digital Vomit page is here or, if you want the direct link to the ZIP file try here.  Here’s a track:

The Palace Of Winter Pt. 2

A Plot of Knives is mainly a side-project for my more ambient/drone/noise stuff and, as it’s all recorded live in one take, is very different to the Thee Crumb stuff – although I’m sure there’s enough similarities there to mark it out as being made by the same person. I recorded several more albums in December and some of these may well see the light soon as well – either as downloads or Startled Okapi! releases. Nothing will emerge though until I’ve cleared the end of February and the RPM challenge is finished.


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