RPM 2013 – completed

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Music, RPM

I finished this on friday afternoon as I’ve had few days off work (enforced due to tiresome transport problems I won’t elaborate on here) so I’m going to burn off a disc and send it off either later today or tomorrow most likely. Rather inevitably, after last year’s album, it’s called Interiors and the whole thing came out at 37 tracks and lasts almost exactly 47 minutes.

Interiors Front 400

That’s the cover and here are a few tracks:

Collector Of Bones

The Cloth Of The Sun And Moon

Towers Destined To Crumble

The longest track on this album is 1:52 and the shortest is 30 seconds and everything I finished this year has been used, although there are a few more half-finished bits I may use at a future date. There are also a couple of the finished tracks that I think might benefit from being extended – although most of them work very well exactly as they are. I’m actually very pleased with how this came out, it’s something that I possibly should have attempted years ago and I will definitely do more album of short tracks again in the future. Right now though I feel I might just have a lie-down…


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