Sometime In The Next Thousand Years

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Music, New Releases, Startled Okapi

I promised it in the last post and it’s finally here…

Sometime Front

Sometime In The Next Thousand Years – Startled Okapi! Recording No. 8 CDr

All numbered but, at present, unlimited edition – recycled sprayed painted sleeves with paste-on covers. The exact number will depend on demand – and also on how many sleeves I’ve got lying about to recycle. Here’s the track-listing:

1. Goldrush
2. Escape From The Caves
3. Verdigris
4. Mouth Of The Night
5. Spanish Green
6. Caro-Kann
7. I’m Always On My Mind
8. Enduring Typeface
9. A Stranger Knocks
10. The Futile Life Of A Miserable Comedian
11. 16 Psyche
12. Take To The Skies
13. Thought Screen Helmet
14. 351 Yrsa

Some of these tracks go back at least a year if not longer – a number were actually recorded about the same time as some of the tracks on Theda Bara, and have been posted on here before. This was slated for release when the two cassettes came out but was delayed for a number of tedious reasons. Anyway, it’s here now, so either drop me a line on here if you want a copy (only £5 including postage for anybody in the UK) or head over to the Startled Okapi! Blog to grab one. All the previous releases are still available as well if you fancy getting your hands on them as well.

Here’s some tracks from the album – some of the ones I’ve already posted and a previously unshared track:


I’m Always On My Mind

The Futile Life Of A Miserable Comedian

351 Yrsa


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