Two new albums

Posted: December 20, 2013 in General Stuff

That’s right – not one but two. Although, one isn’t actually that new, as it’s a reissue of Catacombs which first came out in 2010, but we’ll let that pass for now. Both are now up at my Bandcamp page as name-your-price downloads. Which means you can grab them both for nothing if you’re so inclined.

Thee Crumb – Catacombs – Startled Okapi! Recordings No. 3


15 tracks of ambient/experimental stuff which was originally released in April 2010, as a bonus album for paid downloads of Borderline Sensations, now available again in the usual choice of audio formats (the original was MP3 only) over at my Bandcamp page. All the track listings and previews are Here.

Thee Crumb – Catacombs Volume 2 – Startled Okapi! Recordings No. 9


The second volume in this ongoing series – 15 tracks originally recorded between 2007-12. All track listings and previews Here.


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