RPM 2014 – Day 4

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Music, RPM

Not tons to report so far – I got off to a slow start this year so, as of today, I’ve only got the beginnings of 14 tracks. There are a couple that are quite a way along – which I shall be posting below – but a good number of the others are just rough sketches so far. I’ve got a free weekend coming up so that will give me a good chance to knock a couple of them into shape. It’s still a bit early to say what sort of shape the album is going to take as I’ve got a feeling that several of the tracks I’ve been working on so far won’t make the final cut. By the end of next week, once I get the feel for the whole thing, it’ll become clearer.

Here are a couple of the works-in-progress (working titles and rough mixes only so far):

Hurst (Rough Version)

Balsa (Rough Version)


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