RPM 2014 – Day 7

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Music, RPM

Well, it’s the end of day 7 and, so far, I’ve got 19 tracks sitting about in various stages of completion. I had some free time today to push things along and I should have most of the weekend free to work on stuff as well. As the weather is going to remain foul I expect I shall be holed up here until at least Sunday afternoon with nothing much else to do except sort a pile of these half-finished pieces out. Most of them are coming out at about 3 minutes or so right now and, although I wasn’t planning on doing another album of short tracks, I may well be heading that way.

Now I should point out that I actually didn’t have any plans at all when I started so the fact that I’ve got anything is always a bonus. As usual at this stage, nothing has any titles and I’ve no idea about an album title or any artwork just yet. I have a nice new printer now (albeit a nice new printer that is currently out of ink) so I shall be able to knock out some decent artwork this year for a change. Here are a couple more rough versions:

Nitre (Rough Version)

Ember (Rough Version)


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