RPM 2014 – the end

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Music, RPM

Well, I made it again. Just about. I burned off the CD this afternoon and it’s sat here on my desk waiting to be posted off first thing in the morning. I’ve been away most of this week so, luckily, virtually everything was finished before I left. I found myself finishing off a track this morning – albeit a track that won’t be on the final album. I had to finish it though, just to get it out of the way. Anyway, here’s the cover:

Front Cover

The album’s called Tape Of The Locks and here’s the full tracklisting:

1 – At This Time Of The Evening – 2:57
2 – The Way Of The Ancestors – 2:51
3 – Casts A Long Shadow – 2:52
4 – A Woman In A Red Bedroom – 2:57
5 – As The Hour Slips Past – 3:55
6 – She Reached Out For The Phone – 2:53
7 – In An Alcove – 2:24
8 – Unobserved – 2:22
9 – The Camera Catches What The Eye Misses – 2:05
10 – Drifting Through Paradise – 6:55
11 – Nothing Was Revealed – 2:51
12 – Crestfallen – 5:28
13 – Mercury Descends – 3:50
14 – Thirty Below – 2:20

I’ve posted a couple of these already but I’ll put a couple more up in the next couple of days. The whole thing will be up somewhere quite soon, no idea just where yet – watch this space.

The whole album seems quite downbeat on a final listen, so I’m not sure what that says about my state of mind this month – no doubt I’ll have more thoughts on it later on. I usually leave the RPM albums alone for a while after I’ve made them and tend not to listen back for some time. A bit of distance from them often gives me more of a balanced view. As there’s 8 of them now, maybe I should go back in a few months, pick out some of my favourite tracks and talk bit more about them as a whole. Unlike virtually all of my other albums, as they were all made very fast they can have things on them that might not have got through with a more considered approach. I’ll leave you to judge if that’s a good thing or not…


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